Windfall Orchard Farmhouse Cider

Dry cider from heirloom fruit

Windfall Orchard Farmhouse Cider

A bone dry cider made from thirty heirloom apple varieties grown in Windfall Orchard in Cornwall, Vt. The juice ferments with wild cultures and the cider is bottled for its prise de mousse. The result is pale yellow with a quiet, persistent bead, and the aromatics are floral, lightly scented with ginger, yellow apple skin, and quince paste. The body offers scintillant acidity and a cleansing mousse that washes out in a sluice of lemony citrus.

Delicious and refreshing, this cider crackles. As an aperitif, try it with crispy snacks, charcuterie, or a mixed cheese plate. The tannins in the cuvée make it a great gastronomy cider, good to pour throughout a meal. Try roasted poultry, winter squash, vegetable gratins, pork loin, or macaroni and cheese.


Windfall Orchard Farmhouse Cider

9% abv | About $12 (500 ml)

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