Editorial Policies

Editorial Mission

My philosophy inclines me toward sustainable, organic, artisanal, and small-batch food production. I admire producers who are mindful about how their work fits into the continuum of historical and regional foodways, but I’m not anti-modern; food is, after all, always evolving—literally always refreshed—so I value foods that embody tradition while expressing something wholly new. Within this editorial framework, I aim to deliver forthright, true storytelling about people, place, gastronomy, and the improbable beauty of food.

Terroir Review is financially independent; it’s a labor of love, not commerce. I don’t take paid advertising or engage in sponsorships, posts, or promotions of any kind. Free samples, paid travel, gifts, and all other freebies are always disclosed. The words and pictures here are mine alone.


Sample Policy

Terroir is not service journalism. The focus is on storytelling about food and wine making and the wider perspective we gain from evaluating a food within the frameworks of legacy and modernity. To that end, Terroir is currently accepting an extremely limited number of samples for possible editorial review. Reviews are rendered journalistically, and while I never guarantee coverage, I’ll also never write about a wine that’s obviously flawed.

If you’d like to submit samples that fit the editorial mission, please use the contact form to get in touch.


Travel & Speaking

I travel frequently to visit regions and producers for feature articles and criticism in these pages and elsewhere. My research focus is on sustainable, organic, and small-lot producers who work within their regional constraints (geographical, political, traditional) with a spirit of both continuation and reinvention. I welcome invitations to join wine, food, and other culinary tours that fit that profile. Please reach out if you’re planning an event that might fit.

I am a regular speaker, lecturer, and adviser at wine conferences and seminars, live and digital. Specialties include the language of wine, wine communications, the nature of terroir, environmental sustainability, and how place fosters (or frustrates) food and wine production. Please contact me to inquire about my availability to participate in your event.

—Meg Maker