2017 Tin Hat Cider Woodshed Series Batch 17C

Monovarietal cider from a single wild seedling apple tree

2017 Tin Hat Cider Woodshed Series Batch 17C

Vermont cider maker Teddy Weber made just three cases of this monovarietal cider (500 ml) using fruit from a single wild seedling apple tree. Monovarietal ciders are uncommon because few apple varieties can deliver the complete package needed for a delicious cider: the acidity and tannins necessary for refreshment, plus the phytochemical complexity that builds subtle aromas and flavors. Weber, a devoted wild apple forager, discovered a tree with promising fruit, yellow and the size of a golf ball, and decided to try this experiment. He’s now grafting its wood to some of his orchard’s trees.

The cider’s color is deep amber gold, almost red, like dark honey, and faintly cloudy with little bead or movement. The aromas are earthy but with a sweet overcast of apple blossoms, chestnut honey, autumn leaves, and hay. Texturally the cider is almost still, with only the faintest effervescence, and the flavors continue the aromas, expanding in waves. A streak of acid animates the delicate tannins, together rinsing the palate clean. The flavors linger forever.

This cider was superlative with a mixed cheese and charcuterie board. Try it also with pork, poultry, roasted root vegetables. Who says cider must be blended?


2017 Tin Hat Cider Woodshed Series Batch 17C

8.2% abv | $12; purchased at a Vermont Cider Makers tasting at King Arthur Flour in November 2019

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