NV Cameron Hughes Lot 513 Red Blend Triage North Coast

“Ripe and ropy...”

NV Cameron Hughes Lot 513 Red Blend Triage North Coast

A curious hybrid of a wine, not just a blend but a nonvintage blend, mostly from 2013 with some 2014 and 2012 fruit. The Syrah, Grenache, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon were grown in vineyards in Lake County, Rockville, and Calistoga, the tenuously unifying thread being these vineyards’ volcanic soils. But even this proves more notional than organoleptic, as the result feels not gritty and dark but youthful and rubescent. Ripe blue and red fruits are plump and milk-chocolatey, while a crack of coffee bitterness helps balance the sweetness.

Uncomplicated, for all of its complicated origins, a ripe and ropy California red for those who love this style and aren’t precious about provenance.

15.3% abv | $15 (sample)

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