Announcing Terroir Review

This award-winning publication gets a fresh name, plus an expanded scope and mission

Gentle reader,

When I launched Maker’s Table in 2008, I never anticipated it would grow to become a respected voice in independent wine journalism, winning awards and accolades for its feature writing and reviews.

As the site approached the ten-year mark, I decided it was time to refocus the publication, digging deeper into questions of nature, culture, food, and place. The site has been rechristened Terroir Review.

Part literary journal, part food magazine, the publication considers terroir-driven foods and the people who make them. In addition to wine and cheese, look for expanded coverage of foods that are especially expressive of place, like chocolate, coffee, olive oil, honey, and more. Stories honor the producers and their culinary traditions, plus the landscapes from which they pull their improbable feasts.

I’ll also begin highlighting new voices as I recruit other writers, artists, and photojournalists to share their insights on these important subjects.

Some things won’t change; Terroir Review will still offer a balance of feature writing and criticism. But tectonically the publication will begin to shift as it grows into its new name and refreshed purpose: To tackle food’s most important questions, to stimulate both appetite and mind.

Thank you for reading,

Meg Houston Maker
Founder, Publisher, and Editor in Chief


P.S. Read more in this F.A.Q. about the relaunch of Terroir Review.


Photo top: peas sprouting in my New Hampshire garden

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  1. says: Jo Diaz

    Such a great redux, with the same brilliant writing style and savoir faire. Your writing is impeccable. Your attention to detail is very thorough. And, you’re well on your way to an ever expanding, brilliant writing career. Best wishes for continued growth prospects, Meg.

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