Taylor Farm Cheese Vermont Farmstead Gouda

Taylor Farm Cheese Vermont Farmstead Gouda

Mild and nutty, a cheese that’s friendly with many foods and wines

Like many centuries-old dairy operations in New England, Taylor Farm in Londonderry, Vermont, fell to cheesemaking as a way to boost margins. The Wright family, which has farmed the site for the last three decades, rotates a herd of two dozen Holstein-Friesians and Jerseys around the pastures, making plain and flavored Gouda-style cheeses and offering other pantry products, educational activities, and sleigh rides. Farming is sustainable, and much of the land has been conserved by the Vermont Land Trust.

Taylor Farm Cheese Gouda is a raw milk cheese made with vegetable rennet and finished with a red wax rind. It has a mild, buttery scent, and its light yellow paste is  pricked with small eyes. The texture is springy and melting, and the flavor is mild and nutty, more buttery than tangy, and lightly salted.

Pairing Wine And Other Foods With Taylor Farm Cheese Gouda

This cheese’s mildness makes it a good partner to salty accompaniments like crackers and cured meats, or to delicate fruits and vegetables, which it will not overpower. It’s a good melting cheese, useful for sandwiches or for broiling atop steamed vegetables, nachos, or burgers.

For wine pairings, pick wines that work with buttery sauces: oak-aged whites, fruity reds, and nutty sparklers. This cheese is also rich enough to stand up to structured wines like Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Syrah, Rhône blends, Tempranillo, and Sangiovese.


Taylor Farm Cheese Vermont Farmstead Gouda

About $20/lb.
Taylor Farm Cheese
Londonderry, Vermont

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