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Lost Slough Vineyards Gemella
Current price: about $50

We gathered last night for braised beef and an array of powerful Turleys (on which more later). But we started our evening with this. Our host had received it as a gift, and it was, to her, a curiosity, unknown.

In the glass it was clear and very pale gold. On the palate it was salty, steely, like stones, very savory. Someone remarked she might have thought it a red had she tasted it with her eyes closed. It offers pale, delicate aromas: a little apricot and lightweight blossoms. It's dry like metal, with a long finish.

This is a haunting wine, a ten on the interestingness scale. More, please.


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3 replies on “Scholium”
  1. says: David

    Hi Meg,
    The Scholium wines are truly wonderful. I happen to sell them at my store and am particularly fond of their Gardens of Babylon (Petite Sirah).
    Their East Coast distributor is a company appropriately called Angel’s Share should you want your local wine shop to carry them. 718.407.4121 or angelssharewine@aol

  2. Thanks, David, for the distributor information.
    A couple of months ago I ordered three Scholiums on spec, and lo and behold, the Gardens of Babylon 2007 is among them. Now I cannot wait to try it. Pairing suggestions?

  3. says: David

    well…the wine is certainly large…large enough that it could be a meal unto itself.
    my choices? a dry aged ny strip properly slathered with duck fat before hitting the surface of a white hot cast iron skillet – accompanied by house made pommes frites.
    if that doesn’t do it, one might opt for a prefectly crisped rack of lamb, a bone of which is grasped in one hand like a popsicle while the other steady on the stem poised for a quaff.
    no flatware required…

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