Giving Thanks for Wine


Tomorrow we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving with friends, and—no surprise, really—they asked us to provide the wine. Our goal was to offer variety to suit many palates and dishes. But we also wanted to keep it light; no heavy, look-at-me wines that would steal the attention from the meal and the camaraderie of the table.

We cast through the cellar for likely candidates, and even acquired a bottle or two. These are our picks. The Beaujolais has been a favorite this fall, and the Windy Oaks Pinots always win admiration. The Treana is a real lush, and the Ca’ del Solo Albariño is such a new favorite I haven’t even written about it yet. The others are wild guesses, but all seem to offer the same sensibility: floral, somewhat feminine, but with poise and gravitas. We’ll let you know how it goes.

From left to right:


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