Un Vin Charmant

Les Charmes

Last week I picked up a bottle of this white Burgundy for about nine dollars. I opened it tonight without great expectations, but it was, as the name promised, charming. Flinty and crisp, it's a quintessentially French treatment of the Chardonnay grape, delivering a lightly fruity nose plus plenty of acid and a pleasant finish. A bargain.

Price: $9

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2 replies on “Un Vin Charmant”
  1. says: Jim Dempsey

    I’ve been buying this wine since 1980 (the first vintage I had was 1976!) and was disturbed when the most recent bottle had a screw cap instead of a cork.
    I suppose this shouldn’t disturb me, but it does.
    I don’t think I’ve seen any other French wine with a screw top.

  2. I’ve started seeing French wine with screw caps, or Stelvin closures. Ironically, the Stelvin was developed about forty years ago in France. It prevents cork taint and other bottle failures, but consumers tend to have, well, the same reaction to it that you had. I think over time we’ll see more of it, though.

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