2016 Massican Gaspare Bianco Friuli Colli Orientali

A collaboration between Californian and Friulian winemakers

2016 Massican Ronco del Gnemiz Gaspare Bianco Friuli Colli Orientali

Gaspare is the result of a collaboration between Massican winemaker Dan Petroski and two friends from Friuli, the winemakers Serena Palazzolo and Christian Patat of Ronco del Gnemiz. The trio began sourcing fruit for this wine in 2014, and 2015 was its first vintage. It’s a cuvée of 43 percent Tocai Friulano, 29 percent Ribolla Gialla, and 28 percent Chardonnay, a blend that’s a near doppelgänger of Massican’s Annia, which is grown and made in California.

They are altogether different wines, naturally. This wine is fuller bodied, with more ripeness and mouth-coating texture. It’s a little sour, somewhat green-grassy like hay, and rasps the tongue with rustic acidity. The aromas are likewise herbaceous but rounded, too, like a fruit orchard just before it quickens into ripeness. The fruit notes in the wine skew toward green pears, honeydew, and the astringency of quince. Shades of sage and sweetgrass add a field note. The wine has moderate body, but the finish has a pleasing sour bitterness that begs for food.

Pair it with a mixed cheese course targeting young and milky cheeses, especially those made from goat’s and cow’s milks. Also good with briny fish and seafood dishes punctuated by green olives and dressed in fruity olive oil.


13.5% abv | $26 (sample) Imported by Massican; 375 cases made
Massican Winery

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