El Greco


Feudi di San Gregorio
Greco di Tufo

13.0% ABV | Price: about $20

Deep gold with faint hints of stone fruit and citrus, plus a fresh salty aroma that reminds me of the sea on a breezy afternoon. It’s briny on the palate, too, and medium-bodied, with a languorous, slightly sweet finish.

The Greco di Tufo DOC is an area in Campagna east of Naples where the wines are made primarily from the greco grape, imported originally from—you guessed it—Greece. This wine is 100% greco, and it’s a mouthful of minerals and sea. It would be ideal with shellfish, squid, or saltwater fish. Tonight we’re having it with pizza, but I doubt any napolitani would object.



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4 replies on “El Greco”
  1. Molto grazie, Novella, per il tuo commento! Ho appena visitato la tua pagina e ho cliccato su “Like.” Mi piacerebbe provare i vini rossi in un prossimo futuro. Essi non sono facili da trovare qui. Ciao!

  2. Thank you, Viviane dear. For the record, the pizza in question had caramelized onions, sundried tomatoes, aged goat cheese, and dry-roasted olives. Not your typical pie. The salty olives were particularly harmonious with this wine.

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