Windy Oaks Pinot


Windy Oaks Estate
Estate Cuvée Pinot Noir

This wine is brilliant red-purple, ringing with clarity. Its nose reaches up with lovely red fruit plus a lush, round earthiness. On the palate, it's silky but bright, with currant and fresh raspberry. Juicy and tart—unctuous, too. Do I detect umami? The wine is grounded, but not subtle. There's a lot going on.

Jim Schultz, the winemaker in this vineyard overlooking Monterrey Bay, strives for a non-interventionist style, making Pinot with only estate-grown grapes, wild yeast, and dry-farming unless absolutely necessary. He likes to stay out of the way, to let the grapes make the wine. (Read a two-part interview with Jim on Reign of Terroir: Part I; Part II.)

It's terrific.

Price: $30 (regular price about $38)
Drinks like: $35
Bang for the buck: 117%

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