2015 Hatton Daniels Wine Cellars Zweigelt Lodi

“A garden of purple flowers sprinkled with pepper and acid.”

2015 Hatton Daniels Wine Cellars Zweigelt Lodi
This varietal Zweigelt is farmed in deep sand in the Mokelumne Glen Vineyard in Lodi. Fruit was hand-harvested, then whole clusters were put into a tank to encourage carbonic maceration. After 15 days the juice was moved to neutral oak to complete malolactic fermentation. It was bottled unsulfured.

The wine’s body is electric fuchsia, a nearly fluorescent purple-pink (it was bottled in clear glass for a good reason). The fragrance is spicy, snappy, slightly volatile, like a garden of purple flowers sprinkled with pepper and acid. The body is spritzy, and the fruit angles toward pomegranate and raw cranberry. The carbonic effect is noticeable in a distinct grapeyness, and the finish is drying, sour, astringent, squeaky. 

It held well over three days, becoming softer and more interesting but never losing its texture like calf suede (stained ruby purple). A wine of great self-possession.

11.9% abv | $24 (sample)



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