Vermont Terroir Cider: A Moment in Time

Mary Morton of Eden Specialty Ciders

A short film about Vermont cider makers using wild and heirloom fruit

In Vermont, a handful of cideries use wild-foraged and heirloom apples to yield ciders that speak of place. In late 2019, videographer Johannes Kroemer and I visited a half a dozen of these makers to create this short film about their work. Enjoy.

Vermont Terroir Cider: A Moment in Time

Teddy Weber of Tin Hat Cider, Roxbury, Vt.
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Eleanor Léger, Garrett Huber, Mary Morton, and Ben Applegate of Eden Specialty Ciders, Newport, Vt.
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Jon Piana and Christopher Piana of Fable Farm Fermentory, Barnard, Vt.
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Deirdre Heekin, Caleb Barber, and Camila Carrillo of La Garagista, Barnard, Vt.
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Writer/producer Meg Maker
Videographer Johannes Kroemer, Ninetynine Films
Drone operator Robert Gill

Special thanks
Jessika Yates of Yates Family Orchard, Hinesburg, Vt.
Brad Koehler of 
Windfall Orchard, Cornwall, Vt.
» Read Terroir’s interview with Brad Koehler

Many thanks to Terroirist, Wine Industry Insight, and Cider Culture for recommending this video to readers.
Top: Mary Morton of Eden Specialty Ciders (photo: Johannes Kroemer)

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10 replies on “Vermont Terroir Cider: A Moment in Time”
  1. says: Annette Houston

    That whole film is so beautiful! Not only is it informational, but beautifully photographed – a work of art! I am so proud of you and your associates for making this beautiful film!

  2. says: Michelle Williams

    This is an award-winning video. It is informative and beautiful – in both style and images. It is also well edited. Bravo to you and Johannes. You have created a fabulous piece of work.

  3. says: David B

    That was a lovely few minutes. I wish it was much longer, because I really want to hear more from all of the people in the film. Beautiful work.

    1. says: Meg Maker

      David, thank you. We’d love to make this into a longer film, and have enough material for it, but we were self-financing so had to keep this version short. We’d love to find a sponsor to support a longer production.

  4. says: Elfie Forbes

    The film was beautiful to look at and hear, but beyond that, even though I knew the experience was only sight and sound, it felt as though I could also smell, taste and touch. Amazing!

  5. says: Ann Waters

    This is gorgeous! We have a team making wild cider here in Charlottesville that I’ve not yet had a chance to visit but I’m even more excited now to go try them out. Thanks for sharing.

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