Green Mountain Blue Cheese Boucher Blue

Boucher Blue Green Mountain Blue Cheese

A mild and nutty blue from Vermont

Cheesemaker Dawn Morin-Boucher and her husband, dairyman Daniel Boucher, farm nearly a thousand acres in the verdant Lake Champlain Valley. The property has been in the family for four hundred years; Daniel is among the family’s fourteenth generation. Dawn cranked up a cheese operation two decades ago and today, operating as Green Mountain Blue Cheese, the dairy produces a range of styles, including tomme and washed rind cheeses in addition to blues.

Boucher Blue is styled after Fourme d’Ambert, that mild, moldy bleu produced in France’s hilly Auvergne. Boucher is arguably a better product, raw-milk and fermier versus most modern French editions, which are made with pasteurized milk at a regrettably industrial scale.

Green Mountain Blue Cheese Boucher Blue

Boucher Blue is made in three-and-a-half pound wheels, and its natural rind is lightly pocked and redolent of the aging cave, of wet earth. The golden paste is threaded with blue veining — not too much, not too little, just nicely balanced with the creamy body of the cheese. The flavors bloom first with notes of roasted hazelnuts and butter, then the mold delivers its punch of tangy funk.


Pairing Wine with Boucher Blue

Dry wines with stone fruit or berry flavors will complement the earthiness of Boucher Blue, especially those with some perceived sweetness or their own nutty edge. Try white wines made from Viognier, Chenin Blanc, Sémillon, or Gewürztraminer, or red wines made from Syrah, Barbera, or Merlot. Côte Rôtie, whose brambly Syrah gets a kicky lift from a dose of white Viognier, would be a natural. A sturdy rosé from Southern Italy, or that fourth wine, Tavel, are also amicable with this cheese. After dinner, pair Boucher Blue with sweet dessert wines like Sauternes or Italian Passito, or an ice cider from — where else? — Vermont.


Green Mountain Blue Cheese Boucher Blue

Boucher Family Farm


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