2015 Aphros Phaunus Pet Nat Sub-Região Lima, Vinho Verde DOC

“A pétillant-naturel Loureiro with no yeast or sugar addition...”

2015 Aphros Phaunus Pet Nat Sub-Região Lima, Vinho Verde DOC

A varietal Loureiro made in a pétillant-naturel style, vinified in stainless steel with ambient yeasts, then bottled for a with 20 grams of natural sugar remaining to fire the secondary fermentation. Viticulture is organic with biodynamic and homeopathic treatments. The body is naturally slightly cloudy, with quiet bubbles issuing a bready scent of pears and cider. The fine-textured mousse fizzes into a saline mouthful of pome fruit, but it’s also faintly grapefruity, and the wine departs in a clatter of salty minerals.

11% abv | 600 bottles produced | Aphros works with Michael Skurnik in N.Y. and Winewise in Calif.
Sample tasted at the winery on 19 May 2016.

Read A Conversation With Vasco Croft Of Aphros: Part One and Part Two.

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