2015 Dennen Vacationer Rosé California

“Peachy and decidedly unserious...”

2015 Dennen Vacationer Rosé California

This light-hearted blend—mostly Tempranillo with some Syrah and Tannat—is a wine for those who like their rosé dressed in a peach silk gown. It is salmon-hued and offers a fragrance of spiced peaches, red berries, trees in sunlight. The body is ample and luscious and off-dry, a mouthful of stone fruit nectar offset by a sharp mid-palate kick of almond extract.

Not too serious—just as you expect from a wine named “Vacationer” sporting a hammock on its label—but its peachy sweetness makes it a good foil for spicy food.

13.6% abv | $15 (sample)

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