Fruit + Earth = Rhone

Cuvée Sélectionnée par Kermit Lynch
Côtes du Rhône

Kermit Lynch, legendary wine importer from Berkeley, CA, has provided his own labeled Côtes du Rhône AC. The winemaker (in tiny print) is Réunis, Terres d'Avignon. This wine is prototypically Rhôny: fruit, tar, tobacco, earth, herbs. There is nothing really special about it, nothing that really stands forward, but that's really its appeal. It's completely solid, a terrific weeknight wine with turkey burgers and salad. If you want a Rhône experience, pick it up, pour a glass, close your eyes, and imagine the poppies blooming in the vineyard on a warm spring day.

Price: About $13. (This bottle was a gift from a friend.)

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