2016 Anton Bauer Rosé Feuersbrunn Wagram

A generous rosé of native Zweigelt plus Syrah and Merlot

2016 Anton Bauer Rosé Feuersbrunn Wagram

This big-hearted rosé blends equal parts Zweigelt, Syrah, and Merlot grown in Austria’s Wagram district. The grapes were fermented cool in stainless steel to preserve their fruitiness and freshness. The result is a bright salmon-tourmaline color and radiates a fragrance of yellow peach, strawberry, and spearmint. The palate is likewise plumped with stone fruits and spring berries, while the wine’s 2 grams per liter of residual sugar feels coating. Mercifully, the finish is animated by a craquelure of minerals and herbs.

Pair it with a mixed cheese course or savory preparations poultry, red-fleshed fish, pork, and sausages. Vegetarians should try onion tarts, cheesy gratins, and pilafs, especially tossed with dried fruits and pine nuts. It’s also great with spiced foods from India, Asia, and the Americas, the wine’s sweetness readily counteracting the piquancy of heat.


2016 Anton Bauer Rosé Feuersbrunn Wagram

12% abv | about $18, Imported by Artisanal Cellars
Anton Bauer

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