2014 Gavalas Assyrtiko Nykteri Santorini

A concise argument for aged Assyrtiko

2014 Gavalas Assyrtiko Nykteri Santorini

I received this bottle in August 2015, but it languished on my shelf. I’m glad it did. It’s now a saturated yellow color, and its honeyed fragrance suggests nut and almost Sherry but also effuses wet stone and fresh basil. The palate offers sharp, glittery, crystallized ginger acidity plus notes of lemon, resin, and light honey. Satisfyingly tingly and scintillant, it has a languorous lemon-ginger mid-palate, but despite the gingery heat in the mouth, the embroidery of age makes it all seem richer, finer, longer.

A lovely wine. Pair it with rich cheeses, savory roasted poultry, light meats, and cheesy vegetable gratins.

Day Two: Still wonderful.

14.0% abv (sample)

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