Wine List Economics: Nitty-Gritty Advice from Top Wine Directors

Reduce costs, scale markups, look at real dollars, and always crunch the numbers

Dan Davis, wine director at Commander’s Palace (Credit: Chris Granger)

Dan Davis of Commander’s Palace, New Orleans (credit: Chris Granger)

Wine directors make guests happy. Wine directors also make restaurants money. At the intersection of happiness and profitability lies the wine list, and it’s not so much document as covenant, the promise of deliciousness for the diner and profits for the partners.

In first of my two-part series on wine list development (“It’s all in the mix,” SOMM Journal, Vol. 3 No. 6), wine directors shared strategies for balancing economic concerns with customer value perception.

In my second article we dive deeper into back-office tactics that shore up profitability and guarantee that at the end of the night, everyone goes home happy.

Read the story in PDF format or find it in the issue’s digital edition.


Many thanks to Wine Business for sharing this article with their readers.

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