2014 Son of a Butcher Red Wine California

Homage to French ancestry, warmed by West Coast sun

2014 Son of a Butcher Red Wine California
Winemaker Yannick Rousseau is the son of a butcher and the son of a son of a butcher. His grandfather, whom he called Pepé, carved meat and hunted game and made the family’s wine in their native Gascony, France. His father carried on the tradition.

Yannick now makes wine in California, and this vinous homage is based on another of Gascony’s natives, Tannat. Here it’s kissed by California sunshine and polished by blending with Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, and Cabernet Franc. It’s friendly and fruity, but it shies from frivolity. The aromas are dense with smoky red and black brambles but lifted by fresh herbs. There is a suggestion of chocolate and cocoa, and the wine’s modest tannins and sweet fruits allow it to pair well even with spicy seasonings—curry, pimentón, sriracha.

13.9% abv | $20 (sample) | 900 cases made

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