2013 Bele Casel Asolo Colfondo Prosecco DOCG

“Sweet, sour, salty, savory...”

2013 Bele Casel Asolo Colfondo Prosecco DOCG

This bottled reposed for a year in my cellar (see the earlier review, linked below), and time has pleasantly elaborated it. The body is cloudy and quiet, and its stony aromatics pose a complement to toasty biscuit and brioche. There’s also abundant almond and almond extract. This carries to the palate, which offers lovely savory leeriness and forest honey notes. Suggestions of hazelnut and deep umami add dimension. The finish is sweet, like sour honey. Really lovely.

11% abv | $20 (sample) Imported by Petit Pois Corp.


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