2014 Stemmari Grillo Sicilia

“Musky, citrusy, almost wild-smelling...”

2014 Stemmari Grillo Sicilia

One hundred percent Grillo, an autochthonous Sicilian grape, grown in Acate, in the province of Ragusa. According to the technical sheet, this wine was made in a fully reductive style, with the grapes exposed to minimal oxygen at harvest, de-stemming, pressing, and fermentation. (This approach tends to produce a fruitier style of wine.) Once finished, the wine rested on lees in tank for five months.

The result is medium yellow with green glints, and its fragrance is musky, citrusy, and almost wild-smelling or feral. But there’s a sweetness to it, too, quite decadent, like blossoms wilting at dusk, like wedding cake. The body is soft and pliant, and I wish for more acidity to balance these sweetly floral-citrus notes.

Still, it’s Sicilian, it’s Grillo, and it’s ten dollars. Taste it.

13% abv | $10 (sample)

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