2014 Cameron Hughes Rosé Lot 514 Sonoma County

“Concentrated and frothy...”

2014 Cameron Hughes Rosé Lot 514 Sonoma County

This varietal Grenache rosé was purchased as shiners—unlabeled bottles—by Cameron Hughes, a California négociant. The fruit was sourced from from the Sonoma Valley, Alexander Valley, and Dry Creek appellations.

The color is a condensed watermelon pink, very pretty and fey, and the wine smells sweetly of macerated strawberries, dried apricots, sweet tea, and stone fruit. The body is concentrated and frothy, like a strawberry cream pie (is there such a thing? Maybe there should be.), served with dollop of stewed peaches on the side.

In rosé I look for acid and nerve. In Grenache rosé I look for an added vein of earth. Here, the former is modest, the latter is suggested by a shadow of astringency at the finish, and overall the wine reads as big and smiling, ripe and luscious and possibly crowd-pleasing. Serve it very, very cold.

13.9% abv | $12 (sample)

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