Clayhouse Vineyard 
Adobe Red

Current price: about $12

We seem to be experiencing a blending moment. The Ridge we had the other night billed itself as Zin, but was really a Zin out on the town with four cousins from France. This Zin has only three French cousins, but they're pretty fun, too. It's 58% Zinfandel, plus 17% Syrah, 13% Petite Sirah, and 12% Malbec, which add lots of chewy goodness to the wine. The result is an earthy, cocoa-y nose and the squeaky bite of tannins on my palate. It's a little hot, but there's something really grounded about it, too, and after a few minutes in the glass, it melts into soft, dark fruit with a long finish. More than decent for twelve US dollars.


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