A Dark Spaniard


Buil and Giné
Toro DO
Price: $24

The Toro Denominación de Origen is located along Spain's Duero river
valley, where the stony soils and relatively high altitudes produce
concentrated, high-alcohol wines. This one's 15% alcohol, but it goes
down easily, so pace yourself. Made from 100% Tinta de Toro, a regional
cultivar of Tempranillo.

Brilliant ruby-purple, it looks like a much younger wine. It has a nose of licorice and black cherry, a bit like warm black raspberries, with a little spice adding high notes. Surprisingly supple on the palate, smooth and even, with bright fruit sliding easily into dark, and a little astringent bite at the end. Smoky, sultry, plummy, luscious.

Pues, entonces?  Buy it, drink it, love it.

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