Summer in a Glass

Fumé Blanc Sonoma County

This Fumé Blanc is at the low end of Ferrari-Carano's line, but that's still saying a lot. We've had some wonderful Chardonnays from this reputable producer, all in the $25-$30 range. Our Wines of California (Second Edition) notes that the winery made its reputation with Fumé Blanc* and Chard, then moved on to reds like Cab, Merlot, and Zin. In other words, they have whites nailed.

This wine is fulsome and luscious, with a slightly frizzante effect that keeps it fun. It has a light nose, but delivers lots of bright acidity, with notes of lemon, thyme, basil flowers, and pineapple. Steve thinks the mid palate is a little thin, though Meg finds more happening from start to finish. A good deal for $14.

Price: $14 

*"Fumé Blanc" was a term coined by Robert Mondavi for its oak-aged Sauvignon Blanc. Although it's just a marketing term designed to sell wine, it worked for Mondavi, and the name stuck.

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