2016 Ktima Tselepos Moschofilero Mantinia

Floral and fruity varietal Moschofilero

2016 Ktima Tselepos Moschofilero Mantinia PDO

This is a varietal Moschofilero, grown at 750m in sandy clay soils. It’s a light, soft yellow-gold color and the perfume is flowery, with paperwhites and apricot, peach blossom, sweet apple skin, and sea air. The body has nice succulent acidity that hits the front of the palate, and then washes toward a crisp finish. There is stone fruit but also spearmint as refreshment. Lovely but quite commanding given its fruit, flowers, and herbal notes. Treat it as you would a yellow Muscat or Gewürztraminer.

11.7% abv | $17 (sample) Imported by Cava Spiliadis

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