Old World, Old Vines, Young Price

Celler de Capçanes
Mas Donís Barrica Old Vines

Current price: about $10

A bright, juicy rose-purple, the wine gives up a subtle but still earthy nose; it smells like Old World, not New. Remarkably soft and well-integrated on the tongue, I get anise and lavender and some nice dark fruit. It has a pleasant, lasting finish, not unlike the sensation of holding a warm cherry in your mouth.

It continues to amaze and delight that such drinkable European wines can be had for a mere ten dollars, US.


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  • What a great recommendation and price! The lavender you picked up sounds absolutely lovely, and I have never encountered this particular aspect before in a wine. Is this a Spanish wine, by the way? I blush to ask but unless it is blatantly indicated to me, I am still learning my regions and am not sure where this would be from.

  • Hi, Megan; Yes! It’s Spanish (you can always tell the country of origin by looking at the categories in the post). I’d recommended this wine to you a few days ago. It’s a lovely wine for the price. If you find it, let me know how you like it. Cheers!

  • Ah yes I see that now. Great to put a label with a name! I will head over to my new favorite wine shop here in Eugene tomorrow and try to find it. They seem to have an excellent selection. I will let you know what I think!

  • Being a European-based wine enthusiast I must say that posts like these thrill me, i think that American wine blogs are waaaaaaay too focused on American wines (no offence – they can be very good) but old world wines are just so different and interesting!
    bookmarked this blog, and will be following you on twitter also 🙂

  • Chris, welcome to the Table, and thanks for your note. Vastly over-generalizing, I think European wines offer something a bit more nuanced that American wines that are in the same price range; they’re more food-friendly, lower alcohol, and often have more base notes.
    You may be interested in exploring the many countries listed on the right under Categories. Cheers!

  • @Meg
    I agree in every aspect. I have not yet sampled all american wine states, but the Californian reds I’ve tried have been really bold, but one-sided.
    European wines usually have more terroir which makes them more interesting for people like us 😉

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